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Edlingtons manufacture cambridge rolls (rollers). We're a long established family firm, our company was founded in 1865 and we have been manufacturing rolls since 1979. These include cambridge hydraulic folding rolls, cambridge fold-back rolls and vari-roll.

And if weeds are a problem on your land, we have WeedSwiper, a non-drip intelligent chemical weed wiper designed to help solve your tall weed problems.

Our machines are built to last and manufactured in the UK.

16.3m roll photo by kind permission of Chris Eglington

      WeedSwiper - our weed wiper range - please click on the photos to find out more

Edlington Trailed WeedSwiper

Edlington Trailed WeedSwiper.

Comes in widths 4.1m to 6m. Also available is a combination machine - tractor mounted-trailed.

Edlington 6m Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper (1)

Edlington Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper

Tractor Mounted with 3-point linkage. Sizes: 4.1m, 6m, 6m to 8.4m and 9.4m models.

Edlington Vegetable WeedSwiper

Edlington Vegetable WeedSwiper

Vegetable - adjustable height weedswiper suitable for treating tall weeds in vegetable crops.

Edlington WeedSwiper - a non-drip weed wiper

What is a Weedswiper?

Weedswiper is a unique non-drip weed wiper for the control of tall growing weeds in arable, grassland, forestry, horticulture and amenity situations.

We've sold our weedswipers to the RSPB, Natural England, the Wildlife Trusts and the National Trust.

What Weedswiper can be used for:

Arable situations such as weed-beet in sugar beet, volunteer potatoes and oil seed rape in various crops.  For Vegetable and Salad crops you will need our Vegetable WeedSwiper.

Stewardship schemes - WeedSwiper has been used for creeping thistle and nettles in wild flower beds etc.

English Nature have used Weedswiper for silver birch re-growth, ragwort, thistles and nettles in grassland situations, etc.

Anything else?

The only criteria governing the use of our weed wiper is that the target weed species must be at least 150mm above the desired plants to ensure no damage to the underlying crop.

Want to know more?

You can read more about how our weed wiper works here

We also have a case study of a tractor mounted weedswiper treating rushes.


WeedSwiper Special Offers - discounts available, please call.

6m Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper - 3,775 exc VAT

6m Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper with sensors on all pads - 3,975

6m Trailed WeedSwiper - 4,275 exc VAT

Try before you buy - our WeedSwiper Hire Service

WeedSwiper Spares - we have a range of spares available for your machine

WeedSwiper Information


WeedSwiper Manual in English


WeedSwiper Manual in French


WeedSwiper Technical Information

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WeedSwiper Videos

These videos were taken in our factory showing how to use the WeedSwiper.

 New! Video footage of a 6m Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper treating weed beet.


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