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Edlingtons manufacture cambridge rolls (rollers). We're a long established family firm, our company was founded in 1865 and we have been manufacturing rolls since 1979. These include cambridge hydraulic folding rolls, press rolls, fold-back rolls and vari-roll.

And if weeds are a problem on your land, we have WeedSwiper, a non-drip intelligent chemical weed wiper designed to help solve your tall weed problems.

Our machines are built to last and manufactured in the UK.

16.3m roll photo by kind permission of Chris Eglington

Our HFR/AW Cambridge roll comes in a wide range of weights to suit your needs with 22 inch, 24 inch or 26 inch rings and breaker rings.

With even weight distribution over the three units, the weight is transferred by hydraulics so that even at the tips the wing rolls are applying the weight efficiently.

And the HFR/AW Cambridge roll follows the contours of your land because each wing has two pivot points, one near the centre of the frame and one in the centre of each wing.

This combined with a special drawbar mounting, enables the roll to compensate for undulations (waves) it encounters - head on.

Large Diameter rings

The HFRAW and the HD models also have large diameter rings - 22" and 24" with automatic wear take up, reduce power and traction requirements and these rings can also break up clods without the need for breaker rings.

The rings are only 3" wide so you get more than a third more peaks than usual,  and if you have our breaker rings fitted - they keep the roll clean without damaging crops.

Easy changeover from transport to working position

The change over from work to transport is simple. Which makes sure you don't scuff up your field near the gate.

Built to last by a company in business for 150 years

The frame is built with 6-8mm thickness box section steel

The roll is mounted for both transport and work on a bar between the two lower lift arms of the tractor.

When changing from working to transport position lift up the wings to the vertical position and then put the locking pins into the hole on the wings.

Then put on the stabiliser bars on the back of the roll onto the pins and put the pins in the holes.

This machine is manufactured in the UK by a long established family company

More details are in our leaflet including prices - PDF format - which you can download using the link on the right.

6.5m Cambridge Roll Photos

7.4m Cambridge Roll Photos

8.3m Cambridge Roll Photos

16.3m Cambridge Roll Photos

Video footage of an Edlington Hydraulic Folding Cambridge Roll

6.5m HD with 24 inch and breaker rings Cambridge Roll. This machine is shown towed behind a cultivator.

HFRAW and HFRHD Cambridge Roll Literature in PDF fomat

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