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Edlingtons manufacture cambridge rolls (rollers). We're a long established family firm, our company was founded in 1865 and we have been manufacturing rolls since 1979. These include cambridge hydraulic folding rolls (rollers), press rolls, fold-back rolls (rollers) and vari-roll.

And if weeds are a problem on your land, we have WeedSwiper, a non-drip intelligent chemical weed wiper designed to help solve your tall weed problems.

Our machines are built to last and manufactured in the UK.

16.3m roll photo by kind permission of Chris Eglington

4.1m Double Press with 28" shouldered rings.              

The frame is enormously strong and built with 10mm steel hollow sections. 

This Cambridge roll uses 28" shouldered rings to ensure that medium size  clods are chopped and  reduced to a manageable size. Each of the 28" shouldered rings weigh  66kg and are set at 7.5" pitch - they are interleaved giving a nett  spacing of 3.75".

Blockages are reduced because the shafts are 63.5mm square and turn together. And a safety bar is fitted to secure the wings mechanically  when the press is in  transport position, taking the load off the hydraulics.

The Edlington Double Press has the ability to have the angle of 'attack' altered hydraulically and set at any desired position.

Another advantage with the Double Press is that a time delay can be allowed  after ploughing, because of this time lapse you can have  exactly the correct amount  of moisture present. This way of working gives an exceptionally good  result.

The Edlington Double Press comes in sizes from 3.6m to 6.6m and all are hydraulically folding.

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